Porschekniven "bäst i test" i englands mest prestigefyllda facktidning Restaurant Magazine! (Maj 2004)

"Just the right weight, just the right feeling of grip and just the right price. Overall, a surprising hit."Type 301 - F.A. PORSCHE

A great exemple of not judging a book by its cover. The first time I saw these knives I think an emotion quite close to repulsion came over me.Looking like a lump of steel with a sharp edge, they didn't look like they would have any practical use in a commercial kitchen at all. That was until I picked one up. These knives are great! Just the right weight, just the right feeling of grip and just the right price. It was like Goldilocks finding her porridge.

The handle sits in the hand very comfortably and there is a metal "pearl" that distinguishes the end of the handle, for better control when cutting.To think that handle is comfortable-who would have thought? The blade is razor sharp and easy to keep that way with ( a wet stone) the minimum of fuss. I would have welcomed a little more curve to the blade to allow smoother continuous chopping but I found you soon start to develop a new style of hand movement to compensate for this. Overall, a surprising hit. I've already add a further two of these to my collections."

Hela listan.
In fact there were three winners with 5 Stars: A damascus knife for 90 GBP, Wüsthof Grand Prix for 65 GBP and Type 301 - P18 for just 55 GBP! So the type 301 knife have the best value for money!

4 stars: Global and Henckels Five-Star.

3 stars: Satake Houcho, Victorinox 5.2000.19 and Füri.